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     Who is this painting designed for?

  Nautical fans, of course, but even deeper.......

That person who helped you in a time of need, when you know you couldn't have made it through that hard time without them.

That person who is right now going through a crises and needs a word of encouragement or someone to help them so that they won't have to weather the storm alone.

The WWII vet who actually lived this drama or anyone who is still alive who fought in that war or any war.

The families of those that fought in the war, in memory of the price they paid for our freedom. 

Anyone that breaths in and out!!!!. Because
 God has made us to need Him and to need each other.  This is a symbol of what life is all about.  Without Jesus and the price that He paid for us, we have nothing, and unless we let Him live His life out through us by helping those in need, life is empty and meaningless.   

    My mission is to spread this painting and it's message around the world and that it will become a household expression of encouragement and love and sacrifice and hope.

   We don't need to beat people up with the gospel, we need to show them how it works.   It has been demonstrated to me many times in my life, through friends who came along side to assist me at times when I could not have made it alone.  I know you have experienced that too.  And my desire is to return that love to others more times than I can count.

     So, please help me spread the message as far as the internet will reach and beyond!! 

   There is nothing like this work of art out there, and I am thrilled and excited and honored that it was my dad who God inspired to paint it and that NOW is the time to release it to the world.

     I want to know how you found me and what this painting has done for you in your life.  please share your testimonies with me.  send them to IWillNotAbandonYou@gmail.com and I will keep them forever.

                    God bless you.     Shelly