My name is Shelly and I want to welcome you to this website, dedicated to my dad, Wynston E. Bland, Sr!! Dad was a contractor and developer by profession, but his soul was that of an artist, and everything he built was stamped with that artistic touch!  The graphic you see here is of an artwork Dad did in 1984, his last one actually, and is entitled "I Will Not Abandon You".  The title comes from the meaning of the nautical symbols, Alpha over India, signaling "Coming along side to assist....I will not abandon you...I shall keep by you."  This painting has been hanging in Tim's and my home for 18 years now and has touched the heart of many of our guests as they stood before it, hearing the story.
Just look at the painting for a minute.....
What do you read from the picture? Then, click on "The Rest of the Story" to find out the awesome "rest of the story".  
You're in for a real blessing! 

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